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Day Three WOOF Switzerland Adventure

OK, so yesterday I shared the first short hike in Krinau today I will tell you about the stay. We were met at the bus stop just down the hill from the farm by the lady of the house and her two little ones. After a short trip to the farm they showed us to our room.

We were upstairs in a house that had be partitioned for several families but had since been opened up by the family we were staying with. She is German and he is Swiss. In the German part of Switzerland that is often the case. The house itself was about 200 years old and the low ceilings proved it.With Philip being just over six feet tall this proved a challenge throughout the entire trip.

Red Currents

Red Currents

We adjusted to the time zone quickly and the next day began assisting in the small garden that they maintained. They had four chickens and three sheep that they kept on a nearby neighbor’s hill. In the mornings Philip would let the chickens out and in the evening he would pick up the eggs. Something interesting about fresh eggs that I learned was the color. It is an intense orangish yellow, not the mellow yellow of store bought eggs. Another interesting tidbit is that all eggs are shaped differently, at least the naturally raised, organically fed chickens produce eggs of varried shapes. When I told Philip, he didn’t believe me until I showed him the evidence, and he was the one who gathered them.

The first couple of days we both spent our time picking berries. They had several different varieties, red currents, black currents, red raspberries and blackberrys (which weren’t quite ripe). Each of the previous types were cleaned and sorted. Then I turned them into jelly and/or syrup.

The Farm

The Farm

Syrup is not what we Americans think of, it is a thick liquid that is the main beverage of Switzerland. You make it by boiling the berries with water and sugar. When it gets just the right consistency you bottle it and then when served you add a finger of syrup to a tall glass of water. It is a pretty good tasting beverage, but I did miss my diet coke.

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Is Your Life in Focus?

Recently I watched The “Last Lecture” by Randy Pausch. (http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=3115188410730134929) If you haven’t seen it you should take the time to do that. This video had such an impact on me that I woke the next morning thinking, “What am I living for?” Am I living for yesterday, today or am I focused on my tomorrows?

We have all heard the saying “Live for today, for tomorrow you die.” I say, “Live for tomorrow, for today you could die.” The difference is that when you focus on tomorrow you accomplish much. What will you leave behind? Will you leave a legacy or are you selfishly living for your own gratification with no thought of tomorrow?

I must finish by noting a line from the video, “I did have a deathbed conversion, I just bought a Macintosh.” I know there are some who will giggle with me here. This line is for you.

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