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Announcement: Another Super Work At Home Event

Those of us who work from home have few really fantastic opportunities to attend seminars. With this thought in mind Tammy Munson and Wendy Cooper of BusinessandLearning.com have brought together the best of the best in their bi-annual event The WAH Expo.

Join them at this week long event. Here’s the link. http://businessandlearning.com/

See you all there!

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WINning Sisters Spring Fling 2008 Breaking All Records

WINning Sisters logoSpring Fling 2008 – An Open To All event

Date: May 19, 2008

Time: 5 – 10 p.m. EST

Join us for this over-the-top, fun-filled, event.

Networking, Games, Prizes with Special Guest Speaker

Almost $3,000 worth of valuable prizes to give away and a dynamic guest speaker!

GINA MARIE MANGIAMELE, Small Business Resource Specialist

Pop in and take a peek at the sponsor prize donations. See what YOU could WIN at: http://www.WINningSisters.org

Get your Ad Quilt ad and take advantage of the increased unique visitors as we promote through press releases, article marketing, pings and blog postings.

You don’t want to miss this one! Mark your calendar and join us. Stay tuned for the venue posting.

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Sales vs. Expertise

Used car salesmanGrowing as a business owner is imperative if your business is to survive. With new entrepreneurs appearing every day, your business’ success becomes harder and harder to maintain and grow. To stay on top of the pack you must learn the nuances of successful business ownership.

Pushy salespeople may get the sale but being an information provider will guarantee a long and prosperous business success. So how do you make the transition? Before you will ever convince anyone of your superior knowledge on a subject, you first must be wholly convinced within yourself that you are an expert.

As you begin to share your knowledge, others will begin to accept you for the expert that you are. The best way to begin is by sharing through offers. Do you have a white paper, ezine, eBook or some other informational product? If you offer to provide that resource in exchange for their contact information, you not only set yourself up as an expert but you additionally are able to begin list building.

Another idea is to offer free consultations. This allows you to answer the needs of those who ‘raise their hand’ to your product or service while proving your expertise. This is something that I have found to be successful in building both a multi-million dollar surgical facility and my online business as well. Be sure you are prepared to answer most of the questions that will arise before tapping into this business-building tool.

One word of warning, when you don’t know the answer be honest, tell them, “That is a very good question, I’ll have to check into it and get back with you.” Never, never, never give advice if you are unsure of what you are saying. It is better to complement the questioner and let them know you will get back to them than to be caught later having said something that turns out to be wrong.

Being a problem solver, information provider will ensure your business will continue to thrive and grow. These powerful techniques will build trust with your prospective customers and your contact list as well.


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Take a cue from the Food Industry

I am sitting here looking at a recipe that I have made a couple of times called Pecan Crusted Salmon. As I look at it and consider making it for dinner the though struck me that as good as this recipe tastes if I just throw it on a plate with no thought of presentation it will still taste good. However if I “plate” it to make it look as yummy as it tastes I believe it will taste even better.

How much like plating a dish to enhance its appeal is our business? What do you think? Can and how could this be done? I guess you could call this “Food for thought“. (Pun intended)

Here’s the recipe in case your taste buds are feeling adventurous.

Pecan Crusted Salmon

Place in a food processor:

Pecans, Red Pepper, Salt and Garlic clove

Process on high until thoroughly chopped.

Dip fish in olive oil to coat and then the pecan mixture. Pat to adhere and fry.

Don’t forget to make your plate look pretty. Enjoy.

If you need help with presentational skills be sure to pick up your copy of Presentational Skills for the Next Generation available at Lulu.com and Amazon.


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What Do You Have Hanging On Your Walls?

Picasso's Weeping Woman

I just love to do cryptograms and the other day I completed one that got me to thinking. It was a quote by Rita Rudner that read, “I was going to have cosmetic surgery done until I noticed that the doctor’s office was full of portraits of Picasso.” I can just see her skeedataling out of his office as fast as her feet would take her. Moreover, can you blame her? I think I would probably do the same.

The thought occurred to me that we sometimes have things that represent our businesses in what we think are beneficial ways when in reality they are doing more harm than good. Let’s look at this scenario from the doctor’s point of view. The art he chose to display was well known and proved his love for all things artistic. However, to the viewing patient it held a completely different meaning.

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