WWOOF Switzerland, The Saga Continues…Part 16

15 Aug 08

We are now settled into our third and final farm. But before I go further I have to tell you about the last two or rather one and a-half days.

Xarah and I instantly recognized each other. It was like old familar friends meeting after a long absence. We had lunch next to the shop we met and then went on to tour the old-town area of Zürich.

Later in the day after shopping on the main shopping area, which I refused to pay ‘Rodeo Drive’ prices, we stopped for a quick drink. We waited for then minutes and after no service ended up at a trendy spot. We sat there for what seemed like an eternity as well and finally a new couple came to the table next to us. The waiter went to them instead of us, so Xarah asked them, in German, to order for us. We all had a laugh, but the waiter got the message.

After our order was taken we again waited another eternity. I am not joking; the couple next to us, when the waiter finally DID return, put in another order immediately!

Then Xarah and I walked along the Limat River and then back and down the Zürichsee. All along the promenade were only foreigners. We had an idea to take a bite for supper on the lake boat, but it was a four-hour, sunset cruise, so we decided that would have to wait for another visit. Instead we stopped at an Italian eatry and had pizza while Xarah had gnoche, small potato balls in sauce. Of course, then we had to go on for dessert and so back to the Limat River we stopped for coffee and chocolate mousse.

Xarah rode the tram with me back to the Maur depot. We said our farewells with the customary three-cheek kiss and off I headed for Maur and Philip.

When I got back Joseph was just turning off the lights and locking up. It wasn’t even dark yet! Thank goodness I wasn’t a second later!!

Philip was still in bed, but not asleep. I gave him some cold medicine that he refused to take, because he couldn’t find any information about it, nor could he read the package. The next morning I took the box, typed into my translator, online, and told him what the box said. It was only then that he finally agreed to take the medicine that the pharmacist had suggested I buy for him. Of course, he then started feeling better and was ready for a trip to Zürich himself. 😉

Since he was set on going and didn’t feel 100%, I went with him. We spent Thursday in Zürich as well. Philip took me to the hotel he stayed at on his previous trip and had a short conversation with the manager who offered to have the other young woman, clerk, show us the changes that had been made since Philip’s last visit, twenty years ago. Of course, that was not neccessary so we didn’t take him up on his offer.

Before we left the man gave Philip a card and told him to contact him if ever he had a need, even to bail him out of jail. We all laughed about that.

Then Philip and I went down the other side of the Lamat River to a COOP (Cope) to pick up a bite to eat. This was the trendy, artist side of the river. After we ate we headed back to Maur and a good night’s rist before hading out for Hauptikon.

Hauptikon is such a small Village that the train station in Zürich didn’t even have bus ticket to it for us. However, we did finally get on the right bus. I would like to say the trip went smoothly, but we missed our stop, so the bus driver took us on the return trip and we got off at the right stop the second time around. Alfred was waiting for us with umbrella in hand as it was raining here as well as all the whole trip.

This is a real farm, two pigs, twelve chickens, two horses, a bunch of cows and a garden too. Silvia and Alfred are both retired teachers. What a niche atmosphere they provide. They have three kittens, two red, that they call “Ginger”, and one black, gray and white. One of the ginger colored wil find a home in Zürich with a small child on Sunday.

Watching kittens can be very entertaining. So far, I have been helping in the kitchen and Philip helped by bringing seven cows back to the barn for the night and milking. (Not by hand.)

The computer connection isn’t working, so I can’t get online yet. Hopefully, tomorrow Silvia’s daughter’s boyfriend will be able to get it working.


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2 responses to “WWOOF Switzerland, The Saga Continues…Part 16

  1. I have been browsing your blog and I’d love to ask you some questions. I’m a Peace Corps Volunteer in the Pacific Island of Yap and I’m thinking about wwoofing in Switzerland afterwards, especially as I’d love to work on my German! Did you know German or Swiss-German going in? If not, was that okay?

  2. Funny you should ask. No, I didn’t have any previous knowledge of the German language except for ‘wo is der badzimmer’ which I later found out is best to say differently. 😉 When you sign up for the country you wish to visit the book you receive with the host information will list the languages they speak. Just look for English and you’ll be fine.

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