WWOOF Switzerland, The Saga Continues…Part 15

Wed. 13 Aug 08

Life here is very relaxed. Even so, we are continuing to find things that need doing. I have been picking berries, canning and baking, while Philip continues to prepare the ground for planting and trimming (pruning) the grapevines. Yesterday was a rain day so we were stuck inside most of the day. However, I was able to grab some apples and make applesauce with them in the afternoon.

The laundry is done and it seems like one load takes forever in the tumble washer. This is a very modern version to give  you an idea. Then, because there isn’t a dryer, and it is raining the close must be hung inside to dry.

Philip came down with a cold and so yesterday’s rain day allowed him to rest, which he badly needed. I tried to get him some cold medicine at the only shop in town. I went over and asked them for kolt medicine and they had no idea what I was asking, so I just sneezed. Seems that is the universal language for colds. 😀 Sadly, they didn’t have any that Philip would take so I passed.

In about an hour I will leave on the bus to visit and dine with Xarah, one of my online friends. Larissa, from Germany, won’t be able to join us until near the end of our tour.

Zug is approximately the same distance to Zurich as Maur so it should work out nicely near the end for Larissa to join us.

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