WWOOF Switzerland, The Saga Continues…Part 14

Sunday, 10 August 2008

No church to go to today. Philip was able to call Hans-Peter and we will be visiting them in Stäfa tonight. Yesterday was a touring day. Our host left for the film festival in Lugano and so we were left to our own plans. As the two day Zürich Street Parade is this weekend we wanted to avoid Zürich altogether. We decided instead to go to Rapperswill. It turned out to be a superb choice, with but one challenge. The bus vack we had to take only connected to Zürich–more on that later.

Rapperswill port, Switzerland

Rapperswill port, Switzerland

Rapperswill is a gort town near the southwest section of Lake Zürich. We tourned the “old town” area and saw the rose garden. We lunched at a Migros counter and had a really good sandwich they call a pizza sandwich. It was nothing like pizza, but instead had a soft semi-round bread with warm cheese and other ingredients. Mine was ham and tomato and Philip had just motzarella cheese. Both were quite yummy.

Just around the corner from the station is a marina and temperature display. The ferry was in and so after I checked with the crew to be sure our “Alla Zones” pass would be accepted, we decided to take the boat back. We actually took it three-quarters of the way around the lake because the 17th annual Zürich madhouse was in full swing when we reached Zürich. However, we ended up back in the Zürich depot in order to connect to Maur.

Zurich Street Parade 2008

Zurich Street Parade 2008

What a madhouse! It was wall-to-wall weirdos! I am not kidding, young people dressed up in costumes with feathers and body parts clearly visible, that were better left hidden. 😉 I was glad to be on the bus back to Maur and safe and sound on the farm.

Mostly I have been cooking, picking berries and canning applesauce. The first batch was so well accepted that Reinhart Lüeder, our host, took a jar with him on his weekend jaunt.

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