WWOOF Switzerland, The Saga Continues…Part 13

This morning Philip & I went for a photo tour walk of the village of Krinau, where we are staying. We ended it with breakfast in the village’s only restaruant. We ordered tea and coffee and followed up with bread and jam. When the order cam it was more food than you could imagine! They served bread, jam, butter, several wonderful cheeses, sliced swiss cheese and ham, and orange juice. With our tummies filled and our appetite quenched we headed back to the farm.

All was quiet, when we arrived and we put the laundry on the line and another load in the washer before any sign of activity was seen. Now the sun is shining over the tree covered hills and a light breeze is whistling through them. This is truly God’s most beautiful country.

Aug. 5, 2008

Reinharts Place

Reinhart's Place

We arrived in Maur on Monday. The trip was uneventful. When we were heading out the door at Lisbeth Vogle’s house, Philip got an email from our next host, Reinhart, telling us that he was still in Tacino and wouldn’t arrive back until five or six in the evening. Nevertheless, arrangements had been made, so we embared on our journey.

Upon arrival we were met by a fine Argentinian young man, Isaias. He let us in and we settled down after three trips to the one local grocery. How funny though, that we travel all the way to Switzerland to meet someone and converse in Spanish! As neither Philip or I had used it in over 30 years, it was a little difficult, but we managed, nonetheless.

It turned out that he and his wife of four years, Cintia, were both dancers. He was unemployed because he wasn’t gay! However, his wife dances with the Zurich Ballet Company. She was photographed dancing for an advertisement piece and in the news. The ad is hung on the wall of Reinharts ecclectic dining room. It turned out that this was their last night at Reinhart’s before moving to a flat in Zurich.

For supper I made spaghetti bolenaise – with meat- and served the most flavorful ice cream you could imagine for dessert. Reinhart finally arrived home, about eight 0’clock. Philip and Reinhart had a good conversation that concluded with our instructions for the following day, they were to pick blackberries, which we did first thing in the morning.This task took all of about ten minutes, almost filling one bowl. How very different from Lisbeth’s.

About noonish we left for Neidlebad to visit with Rober & Hanna at their nuring facility. robert met us at the train & drove us to his nearby town and work. He gave us a wonderful tour of all the facilities, as well as, allowing us to see two bibles – one in the chapel translated by Martin Luther and copied in DMCCXX, and another from a very secret room, also translated by Martin Luther and commissioned by the then King, I believe, King William III. I can’t tell you what a privelage and honor that was to actually touch as well as see such a wonderful, beautiful, and precious piece of history.

Hanna was herself, the perfect hostess. She served us coffee and a homemade tart of 1/2 prunes and 1/2 apples from the grounds of the nursing home. Then Robert took us to meet with three gentlemen that work there with him. One young man is into computers and helped us find our schedule to return to Maur, and the other was an event coordinator, Jorge, who happened to be a tretired bio technologist in plant chemistry. He offered to help us by giving us the names of some compnaies, or groups, that assist, small to mid-size farmers with subsidies and such.

Then, after a quick bite with Hanna and Robert in the dining hall, Robert walked us to the bus stop and waited with us until we got on the bus back to Maur. Upon arrival back the man from India had supper with us and Philip and he chatted until very late. So late that I gave up and went on up the narrow stairs to bed.

The door to the bedroom bears comment here, it was solid oak, straight out of a midevil castle! I have never seen anything quite like it, but in this flat it certainly fit.

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One response to “WWOOF Switzerland, The Saga Continues…Part 13

  1. Oh My Goodness Ginger, just finished catching up from where I left off awhile ago.

    I’m so glad I did, the trip sounds amazing and the pictures are breath-taking…so, so beautiful.

    And now you are off on another trek…have the time of your life and don’t forget to share.

    Much love

    Bea Kunz

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