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WWOOF Switzerland, The Saga Continues…Part 11

Aug 4, 2008

Today we took our first planned solo outing. We decided to take a tour of the Zurich Cantonal Capital City since a couple of people had recommended the trip. So we hopped on the bus to the trainstation and within a short while were in St. Gallen for the day.

The depot could have been just about anywhere USA as it was filled with rif-raf and graffiti. However, once we got out of that area we were able to enjoy the quaint and uniqueness of the city. We found the tourist office and grabbed a map and off we went on foot to visit some of the sites.

St Gallen Abby Library

St Gallen Abby Library

One of the most interesting stops was the St Gallen Abby Library. They wouldn’t let you take photos but they did offer postcards for purchase. Also, one really unique experience is that we were asked to remove our shoes and to glide over the parquet mosaic floor in soft slippers. We gave that floor a good buffing with the rest of the visitors help. 😀

As you can see, it was baroque in style and quite exquisite. Well worth the stop if you ever make it to St Gallen, Switzerland.

After a brief, but interesting tour off we went to the old town to take in the cathedral and sites. The old town was a small section of St Gallen that was surrounded by a fortress wall.

Former “Abbot’s Gate”

Of the original eleven gates belonging to the city walls, only the “Abbot’s Gate” or Karlstor (Karl’s Gate) is still standing. It was built in 1570 and named after Cardinal Charles Borromeo of Milan. He is supposedly the first person to have walked through the gate.

Karlstor Gate in St Gallen

Karlstor Gate in St Gallen

This is one of the gates we actually walked through to get to the Old Town. We passed under another earlier in our treck, but this one captured our attention as it was a mix of both old and new.

Besides these sites we visited the Cathedral, which was getting a new lawn. It was quite interesting to watch as they laid down a carptet of grass. The Cathedral itself was getting a facelift, however we were able to find our way inside and Philip snapped a few interesting photos which I will share in my next excerpt.

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