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WWOOF Switzerland, The Saga Continues…Part 10

Sunday 3 Aug 2008

As you can see by the infrequency of this journal’s entries life has been very full with activities. since my last entry we have made two sojourns and seen many sites.

First of August Switzerland

First of August Switzerland

First of August in Switzerland is celebrated much differently here than in the states with the Florida Suncoast Swiss American Society that we belong to. Rather than a round of singing and picnic there was a small town fourth-of-July type event. The evening, about seven, we walked to town in the drizzling rain. Upon arrival at the local restaurant we were escorted upstairs to a small conference type room. There we were served wine and orange juice while we awaited a visiting guest of Hans and his wife (Schini), named Ursala. We had made arrangements the day before to join her there after we met her in the restaurant again over coffee with her spaniel, Buffy.

In short order, Ursala arrived followed by a string of men from the community. One had nothing to do with the other but…
The men lined up in the front along one wall like a row of eligible bachelors. this group was soon joined by several others and the room quickly filled to capacity.

It wasn’t long before the festivities began and we finally understood the reason for the bachelor lineup. This was the Krinau Men’s Choral Group. We were blessed by several songs and then an official from the canton spoke. Ursala told us later the gist of the speech and it was just what we were hoping to hear. The man spoke about the smallness of Switzerland and the need to remain that way.

After the meeting was over we three went down to dinner. About the time we were finishing we heard the fireworks, and had to rush out. It seems Buffy gets scared of these noises and Ursala had to leave for home in a rush.

On the way back to the farm we saw the town bonfire and fireworks on the nearby hillside. The fireworks were small in comparison to our 4th celebrations but none-the-less enjoyable.

The next day we took a train trip to St Galen for the day.


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