WWOOF Switzerland, The Saga Continues…Part 9

30 July 2008

Today started off normally with yogurt making to get started in the kitchen and gardening tasks to complete. Lisbeth’s yogurt maker started acting up, it would shut off for no reason regardless of the timer setting. So she decided to have me put the jars in a water-bath in the oven on a very low temperature. Since I had done this once before she simply told me to do it and left me to the task.

Big mistake! I had made dinner in the oven, my mom’s meat crust pie recipe, the previous day and so the temperature setting was in memory from that meal preparation. That meal was cooked at 160-degrees C, but the yogurt setting should have been 40.

I was out in the garden and Layla (Mouse) came to tell me to come to the kitchen, where I found Lisbeth scowling over Felix, who was bent over trying to scrape melted plastic from the oven.

I took over the job, and it was quite an ordeal to clean plastic off the metal shelves and oven, but at least the jars didn’t explode! Now I know how they coat wire racks with plastic.

Gingers Artwork

Ginger's Artwork

Lisbeth had just cleaned the oven a few days prior to this disaster, which made me feel even worse. However, when I was done I think the oven was cleaner than when it was new, well at least as clean, for sure.

At dinner, Felix told me that the product of my fiasco reminded him of an artist named Alberto Burri that he had a book of his work. He said my artwork was at least as good as his. We all were finally able to laugh about the incident.

Melted Plastic Art by Alberto Burri

Melted Plastic Art

This was the last work-day in Krinau, what a way to end a stay!

Tomorrow we are off on holiday. Philip and I have decided to go to St. Gallen. It is the capital of this Canton. Several people have told us to visit there when we can. Roldan told us to visit the cathedral and library. This is what we will do among other things while there.


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  1. Hello! I am interested in farming in the Krinau farm just like you did! But I can’t seem to find their email address or phone number anywhere. I was wondering if you could pass on any contact details? Thank you! 🙂

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