WWOOF Switzerland The Saga Continues, Part 8

29 July

It was a busy week. Lots to do both indoors and out. Since I last wrote Philip and I went with Lisbeth Vogl and her two girls, Festie & Mouse, to Seven Mountains in Unterwasser (Under water for those who don’t speak German). We took a lift up to walk the base of the mountains and then near the end the girls and Lisbeth took a short, steep hike back which left us to manage the return trip on our own.

Seven Mountains

Seven Mountains

We had a bit of difficulty finding the entrance to the down lift (ski lift). However, we experienced something new because of our inexperience. As we walked up the outside stone steps to the mountain restaurant, we were met by an obstinate goat and a frustrated waitress who was trying desperately to shew the goat out of the restaurant via the stairs.

Alpine flowers

Alpine flowers

Once back down the lift, thanks to Larissa Glück and my German lessons, I tried out the one sentence that I worked so hard to learn on the cashier, “Wo ist die Bushaltestelle?” To my amazement he not only understood me, but I understood his directions. I heard a couple words I understood, pieced it together and off we went to the nearby bus station.

View from Seven Mountains

View from Seven Mountains

Philip wanted to find a pharmacy so he purchased two rail tickets to Winterthur – much farther than we intended. However, it turned out to be a fine outing and a relaxing trip. In Winterthur we found everything we needed.

During the bus part of the journey we met a man who was on his way to meet up with his wife, Hans Huerlimann, who works for Siemens as a programmer. We only had a few minutes to chat and Philip being a programmer too gave him his card so he could be in touch. It was during this time our computer connection to the world went down. We were so hoping to connect with the two of them while they were in Krinau.

Luckily, Felix was able to fix the problem and Philip found an email from Hans and immediately got in touch with him. They made arrangements to get together the next afternoon for a brief visit during which they discovered they had even more in common. So we agreed to meet them for pizza when we got to our next destination, Maur.

Then on Sunday night we went to evening service and spoke with Ellen, the visiting pastor and Anina the cellist. Anina also played the pipe organ. She is a very talented young woman.

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One response to “WWOOF Switzerland The Saga Continues, Part 8

  1. Ginger,

    thanks for mentioning me. I am happy that you are such a great learner and could use what you had learned.

    I was amazed how well you had learned the pronounciation.

    I enjoyed to meet you in Zug. I am looking forward to our next meeting. Where will that be? Anyway it will be a nice place and we will enjoy it. That is all what is important.



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