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Is Your Life in Focus?

Recently I watched The “Last Lecture” by Randy Pausch. ( If you haven’t seen it you should take the time to do that. This video had such an impact on me that I woke the next morning thinking, “What am I living for?” Am I living for yesterday, today or am I focused on my tomorrows?

We have all heard the saying “Live for today, for tomorrow you die.” I say, “Live for tomorrow, for today you could die.” The difference is that when you focus on tomorrow you accomplish much. What will you leave behind? Will you leave a legacy or are you selfishly living for your own gratification with no thought of tomorrow?

I must finish by noting a line from the video, “I did have a deathbed conversion, I just bought a Macintosh.” I know there are some who will giggle with me here. This line is for you.

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