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Take a cue from the Food Industry

I am sitting here looking at a recipe that I have made a couple of times called Pecan Crusted Salmon. As I look at it and consider making it for dinner the though struck me that as good as this recipe tastes if I just throw it on a plate with no thought of presentation it will still taste good. However if I “plate” it to make it look as yummy as it tastes I believe it will taste even better.

How much like plating a dish to enhance its appeal is our business? What do you think? Can and how could this be done? I guess you could call this “Food for thought“. (Pun intended)

Here’s the recipe in case your taste buds are feeling adventurous.

Pecan Crusted Salmon

Place in a food processor:

Pecans, Red Pepper, Salt and Garlic clove

Process on high until thoroughly chopped.

Dip fish in olive oil to coat and then the pecan mixture. Pat to adhere and fry.

Don’t forget to make your plate look pretty. Enjoy.

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