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The Fat Lady Sang!

The other day I was walking into the church when low and behold there was this … well, I don’t know what to call it… getting closer and closer to me in the reflection of the glass door. I couldn’t believe my eyes and even missed a step or two. Who was this stranger staring back at me? All my life I had been thin and able to eat everything in sight and not gain an ounce. I even remember, and have confirmed with my older sister that it is true, a time when in Michigan in the dead of winter on an ice covered parking lot she had to literally push me into the high school building. You see the wind was blowing so hard that for every step I took forward I would be pushed back two. At that time I topped out at a whopping 97 pounds, the same amount I weighed all through Jr High and now into High School.

Things had obviously changed since I hit menopause. Then the other day I was invited to listen in on Heal Yourself Talk Radio‘s first live podcast. The subject was exercise and weight loss and right then and there I made a commitment to get my big bubble butt off my computer chair every day for one hour and walk. That was three days ago.

The first day I made it one-half hour before I had to quit. Then yesterday I made it 55 minutes. Well that was just too close so today when I got back three minutes early I kept moving around the house until the clock ticked those last few minutes down.

Now I know that three days doesn’t make a habit but hey, I am well on my way now. Why don’t you join me? Make a commitment to walk one hour each day and we will walk the pounds away together. Just leave me a comment and let me know you want to buddy up with me.

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Out of the Rubble Hope Was Born

Frank SilecchiaThis morning in my daily devotions I read about a World Trace Center debris worker Frank Silecchia. It seems that on Sept 13 as he was helping to recover bodies, Frank noticed two steel beams in the shape of a cross standing nearly upright in the middle of the debris. His find has since brought emotional healing to many families that have been left behind.

A story is told of journalist, Barbara Walters, who with tearful friends who lost their son in the catastrophe, were taken to the cross by Frank and found emotional release. Many times before and since Frank has helped to direct loved ones to this end.

As work progressed the emblem of peace and hope was in need of relocation. New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani quickly approved a request by Frank to move the cross to a new location. Since that time it was found necessary to move it one more time to allow room for the reconstruction in the fate-filled site.

The cross has been a place of refuge for many and, according to Wikipedia, the nearby St. Paul’s Chapel, which survived the destruction and was a refuge for survivors and site laborers, sells various replicas of the cross including lapel pins and rosaries.9/11 cross onsite

After the terrorist attacks, Ground Zero became for Frank and many Americans “sacred” ground.

Atheists have sent Frank hate mail but Frank doesn’t lose hope. “God has been by my side through the whole business. He’s my personal Saviour and my reward is proclaiming God’s healing,” Frank stated.

Mr. Silecchia has set up a website in memory of that tragic day. He invites you to send him poems, essays, photos, drawings, etc. that you would like to have published on his memorial site. He says, ” It will be in remembrance of those we lost – a haven where we can grieve together, but also a beacon of faith for all of us”

He also offers a link for you to order “THE PROMISE GROUND ZERO MEMORIAL CROSS” in 14k gold or Sterling Silver. – It is a replica of the steel beam cross discovered standing upright in the rubble of the World Trade Center two days after the towers collapsed. The cross has been meticulously detailed to show the distinct complexion of the steel beam structure and will be identified with the exclusive Promise logo and is engraved with “9/11”. Made in the USA.

Net proceeds from this cross will go to the non-profit organization TUESDAYS CHILDREN, dedicated to helping the orphans of the 9/11 Tragedy.

Please visit Mr. Silecchia’s memorial site now at and read his own account of his ordeal at Ground Zero. Please order one of the crosses if you can. It will help the children who were orphaned because of the WTC disaster.

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