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Baby Boomer Diva Web of Fame

I am pleased and proud to have been recently named to the Baby Boomer Diva Web of Fame at The founder, the Amazing Miss Beverly Mahone, author and public speaker celebrates our uniqueness. The qualities she looks for are that we are Divinely, Inspired, Vivacious, and Anointed.

We now boast 13 celebrity members among whom are Vanessa Williams, Natalie Cole, Diane Keaton, Deidra Hall, Carole Bayer Sager, Geena Davis, and Rosanne Barr just to name a few.

One of our literary geniuses of the group has penned this prose and it is so fitting that I just had to share it with you here.

I looked on the Diva Web of Fame
And there I saw my name.
Why should I be among those so fair:
Women of substance, grandeur, and flair

To my left, Diedre Hall,
To my right, Kathy Walsh.
I am surrounded by angels, one and all

A web of strength, integrity, and vision,
Coming together in a force of great wisdom.
Divinely inspired, vivacious, and anointed,
To this high calling we have been appointed.

I do not lightly take this honor, this responsibility;
I claim it wholeheartedly with resolve and tranquility,
For the God of this universe has ordained this right,
Using a vessel named Bev, full of passion and delight.

Our challenge, dear ladies, is to rise to our calling,
To have profound impact that is strong and unfailing.
To support the endeavors of our peers,
To bridge any gap and face any fears.
To encourage each other and much younger women,
To achieve their goals, dreams, and visions,
Using all of the resources that we been given.

by Pam Archer

To see the ever changing and growing list of Divas click on the group’s button. Check back often, you might even know one or two of us.

Baby Boomer Diva Button

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A Case for Dust

dustingBeing married to a scientific mind can make for some interesting conversations. Today my genius husband came up with a question that left us both going hmm. His query began like this…

“If your window is closed all the time and the blinds are closed all the time how does dust form on the window ledge? When you go outside,” he continued, “there isn’t dust all over everything.”

As a dutiful homemaker I replied, “The wind brings it in.”

“Well, that can’t be the case,” he stated matter-of-factly, “if it were there would be dust all over everything.”

OK. So the wind blows, bringing dust and then the wind blows more and blow the dust off? But still that doesn’t answer the original question, how does dust settle on a ledge that is protected by blinds behind a closed window?

Anybody want to venture to answer?


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