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Announcement: Make Thousands Of Dollars With Teleseminars Teleseminar Series

Did you know that you can make a lot of money in September by teaching a teleseminar? Biana Babinsky, the online business coach, expert and author will tell you exactly how to do that during the Make Thousands Of Dollars With Teleseminars Teleseminar Series.

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Here is what you will discover during the Teleseminar Series:

– How to put together a teleseminar in just a few weeks, so that you are ready to teach your first teleseminar in September

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and much, much, much more!

Hurry, the Teleseminar Series starts this Wednesday, August 1st! Register now at Make Thousands Of Dollars With Teleseminars Teleseminar Series.

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Just for fun

If you have ever wanted to free fall like I have done but don’t have the nerve to go through with it perhaps this is the answer for you as it was for my friend and neighbor Debbie Picciotti.

The following link will take you and your friends to your RealXstream Skydiving Video Website.

(Best viewed with a fast Broadband connection and fast computer. Cut and paste the link directly into your browser).

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Refuel with the Right Gas

If you are like the rest of us there are times when you become low on energy. Other times you may just be plumb out of gas. Like your auto, when you put the wrong type of gas in your tank you will either totally blow your engine or you will sputt and sputter down the road. However, with the right grade of fuel you will cruise down the road to success.

What is the difference? What am I even talking about? I am talking about the difference between happiness and joy. You see happiness is found when circumstances change. For example, when you get a new source of income, that makes you happy; when you discover a new way to market your business, that makes you happy too. So happiness is a result of change.

How often do you find yourself smiling or pretending to be happy when you are dealing with your associates and customers? If you have ever found yourself in this place then I have a suggestion for you.Instead of fueling your tank with happiness switch to high octane JOY.

Joy is not the same as happiness; it is distinctly an attitude. To get back your lost joy the best way is to look outside yourself. When you focus on yourself you often feel self-doubt, which in turn results in lack of action, which comes full circle in the guise of depression or the heaviness of financial lack.

Get back to your first love, look at how you have affected the lives of others? When you strongly believe in your product or service and the benefit that you have to impart by sharing it with others it is easy to motivate yourself to take action. This motivation comes as a direct result of focusing on others and the attitude you adopt.

Another way to change your attitude to an attitude of joy is to reflect on your accomplishments instead of your failed attempts. When you focus on the positive you will find your fuel gauge swing so heavily to full that others will be infected as well.

So when you are overwhelmed by life seek ways to create an attitude of true joy. Look around you and embrace the good you see.

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