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Testimonials – You Can’t Overuse Them

We have all heard that testimonials are an integral part of a business owner’s marketing arsenal. Over and over we are told to ask for and use them. If you haven’t a clue how to use them then chances are you many not have any and if you do they many not be strong enough to make an impact on your shopper. I have even heard it said that testimonials aren’t important; that as a shopper we don’t read them, let alone give credence to them. However for those who do take notice a perfectly positioned testimonial can be the catalyst to your sale.

I have personally read a testimonial or two, skipped all the ‘hype’, and gone straight to the ‘buy now’ button. When I did that the testimonial either spoke to a need I had at the time or was written by someone whom I have great respect for. They may have been someone I know of personally or a noted personality in their area of expertise.

As an example, when I see the name Yanik Silver or Dan Kennedy I sit up and take notice. Other names I am apt to make note of are Jan Verhoeffor or Kim Mutch Emerson both of which are personal friends of mine. So how do you get and utilize testimonials? More importantly what identifying information should you include. I’ll discuss this briefly here.

Testimonials are the most powerful tool to build credibility. However using a first name and last initial only, like George M., with no other evidence this person even exists is paramount to holding up a sign that says, “FAKE! MADE UP! GOTCHA!” The ideal testimony should end with the person’s full name and city or business name. What about including a link to their site for credibility? Well, in my opinion any reason to leave your sales page is a bad thing. A URL may make you feel as though the testimonial is verifiable and authenticated but it also is a link to get your potential buyer off on a tangent they may never recover from. So a simple Bea Kunz, Petersburg, TN or Bea Kunz, Sage Hill Farms is your best choice.

This is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg. To find out how to successfully solicit testimonials be sure to read the upcoming August issue of Rock Solid Marketing eZine available with a two month trial subscription from Nibroc Marketing Solutions. Sign up here:


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