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Mother’s Day Wisdom

Yesterday, being Mother’s Day I enjoyed a sermon by my pastor’s wife. Her words so impressed me that I felt led to share my notes here with you. It seems that as a teacher she relies on props to help her in her presentation and this was no exception. She chose to utilize clay and its many forms and properties.

She explained that there are three types of clay, which was news to me. The first is the kind we all enjoy as a child. It requires no water, is plyable once warmed by the touch of human hand, and impressionable but never takes a permanent form. The second is also requires no water, is plyable, and impressionable, however once it is is formed and dries it is what it is. During this process it is crumbly and can be hard to contain. The third clay is known as Potter’s Clay. This is the clay that is spoken of so often in the Bible that it is worth noting it’s properties.

Potter’s Clay is the only clay that requires water. Unlike the other two types of clay it requires a very unique synergy with it’s maker. With the addition of water, (could this be baptism?), it slips and slides in the potter’s loving hands. This is the only clay that requires extreem heat to ensure its form remains. While in the kiln if the form has not been perfectly formed as the imperfections bubble to the surface it will develop cracks and chips.

Now consider the clay. Do you think it is fun to be beat, twisted, torn, and forced into shape? At least with the Potter’s Clay it is loving hands that carefully form you. Which would you rather be? Even if you end up being chipped and cracked do you not think that you could be useful?

There is a wonderful book that was writen entitled, “God Uses Cracked Pots” by Patsy Clairmont. You don’t have to stay broken to the point that you are useless. It is through our cracks and chips that God makes good use of us.

As a final thought I would like to share a quote with you. “Leaving a good impression is intentional, not unintentional.”

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