What was that?

Today I was sitting at my computer and something suddenly flashed across my screen. What was that? I am used to things popping up unexpectedly but actually flashing across my screen was something totally unfamiliar to my glare weary eyes.

I am not sure what it was even still. Maybe I have been invaded by space aliens? Perhaps it was the ghost of Christmas past? Or even a mere leprechaun having his way with my beloved computer. Whatever it was it was certainly a digital encumbrance.

Now that I think about it, this being so close to Halloween maybe it was a spook that has invaded my realm. It wouldn’t surprise me at all if the gremlins were out and about waiting to surprise me when least expected.

Now there is a thought, ‘when least expected’. How often have you been surprised by something ‘expected’? Is that even possible? Where do these inane saying come from anyway? Perhaps another mission into the unknown should be put on my agenda. A mission to find out where the most oft used sayings came from. But, there I go off on another adventure; best to leave that for another day.

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