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Abundance Raining Down

It has been a little while since I have had a free moment to write and share my thoughts with you. This last couple of weeks has had my head in a spin. My writing has taken on a whole new aspect. What started as a fleeting desire is now a main focus.

Gone are those fearful days of blogging and ezine publishing. If I think back far enough I can even remember my first article. But here I am, no longer in Pampers. I have my newsletter on auto-pilot and have started a marketing business with my business partner Kim Emerson. We named it after her grandson, Corbin. It is called Nibroc Marketing Solutions at We are working diligently on a for print ezine on marketing named “My Ugly Little Marketing Ezine”. It does not contain the beautiful layouts that I have come to love to create but is rather a simple, content rich, information packed ezine for the serious business owner.

Yes, we have an online ezine that we offer as well but it is looking like we may end up combining the two. I can only hope, at this point.

Besides all these articles I am enjoying the new found friendships and business that these ventures are providing. It seems like just when I need a new project to peek its head up one comes rolling around the bend.

My most recent activity was to design a website from scratch around my writing itself. This I finally finished up today, just moments ago. The link to ‘My Writing Place‘ is here and up there on your right. I do hope you will stop by and give it a look-see. I had to have some place to use my beautification talents since the ezine is so very UGLY!

Well, other projects are calling so I am off to fulfill the needs of others yet one more time.

Until then as always,
Ginger Marks

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What was that?

Today I was sitting at my computer and something suddenly flashed across my screen. What was that? I am used to things popping up unexpectedly but actually flashing across my screen was something totally unfamiliar to my glare weary eyes.

I am not sure what it was even still. Maybe I have been invaded by space aliens? Perhaps it was the ghost of Christmas past? Or even a mere leprechaun having his way with my beloved computer. Whatever it was it was certainly a digital encumbrance.

Now that I think about it, this being so close to Halloween maybe it was a spook that has invaded my realm. It wouldn’t surprise me at all if the gremlins were out and about waiting to surprise me when least expected.

Now there is a thought, ‘when least expected’. How often have you been surprised by something ‘expected’? Is that even possible? Where do these inane saying come from anyway? Perhaps another mission into the unknown should be put on my agenda. A mission to find out where the most oft used sayings came from. But, there I go off on another adventure; best to leave that for another day.

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“Hot Room” Technology Makes International Networking Event Possible


“Hot Room” Technology Makes International Networking Event Possible

Top Internet Marketers from around the world will meet for the first Audio/Video virtual networking mixer on Oct 12, 2006. The virtual meeting room holds over 500 and the founders expect a record turn out. All serious Internet Marketers are welcome to attend.

PRWEB) Oct 1, 2006 . Top Internet Marketers from around the world are gathering for the WINning Sister’s bi-annual virtual networking mixer slated to take place Oct 12, 2006 from 4:00 pm to 8:00 pm, Eastern Standard Time at in the Hot Conference room owned by prosperity mentor Kim Emerson.

Every day thousands of entrepreneurial minded people start businesses and each year nearly 40% of those businesses will fail. The secret of those that thrive: Become a “real” business owner, not a hobbyist that plays “store”.

The host of this event is the WINning Sisters of RYZE, founded by Ginger Marks and Tammy DePew-Smith. It is a non-profit organization dedicated to the success of others in business and relationships within the RYZE online business network. Today, the program hosts over 100 members worldwide, with the numbers growing daily. All serious Internet Marketers are welcome to attend their Fall Fling Gala.

Among the scheduled events will be an informative presentation given by feature speaker Kelly McCausey of WAHMs Talk Radio fame. She will touch on newsletters and how the use of them to promote the success of your business. Door prizes will be given and games with valuable gifts will keep things energetic and upbeat.

“Our First event was held in a simple text chat room environment and we had an outstanding turnout. With the incorporation of the “Hot Room” technology that the A/V environment allows I look forward to an even larger group of professionals for this event,” says Marks of She adds, “Every day thousands of entrepreneurial minded people start businesses and according to the Small Business Association within six years 94% of those businesses will fail. The Internet now allows these small business owners a greater chance for success by expanding their potential market to a worldwide audience through the online networking venue.”

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For more information on the Fall Fling Gala Chat email Ginger Mark at or visit the website at


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A personal invitation…to The WINning Sisters of Ryze Fall Fling Oct 12th

You already have what it takes to WIN!

Here’s your chance to create NEW connections, network and play games while learning Business Promotion Techniques.

Guest Speaker Kelly McCausey from will be teaching us how to use ezines and newsletters to grow our businesses!

Among the 14 prizes to be given out Denise Michaels from has donated her best selling book “Testosterone Free Marketing” and her E-Book “Sales Letters”

The WINning Sisters of Ryze Fall Fling is scheduled for Oct 12th from 4PM – 8 PM EST. Details can be found on the Sister Site at

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