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A taste of things to come

I thought that I would take this opportunity to offer you a sample of the upcoming eNewsletter also named Words of Wisdom. This sampling is taken from the Feature Article in the Aug 3, 2006 issue.

Discover The Power Of The Right Words

How powerful is your message? Does your message lack punch? Are you using the right words to get your message noticed? Even worse! Are your words costing you business? When you are in business whether online of off these are questions you should continuously be asking yourself.

Considering the significant effect your words have on your audience should be of primary importance to you. As I have stated in prior articles if your writings are filled with spelling errors and poor sentence structure you are fighting an uphill battle that may never be won. That is why it is so important to read and re-read, write and re-write your copy. It is also why you should have others review it prior to posting. Even as a Copy Writer/ Editor I find I am just too close to my own writings to recognize errors in my personal works. How many are you missing?

Once you have the sentence structure down and spelling corrected it is time to look at the message you are trying to convey. In writing marketing copy there are words that marketing copy writers know as Power Words. When applied properly these words can be used to express any number of feelings that will generate action on your readers part.

Take the following sentence; A work of art is something you achieve when the right pieces come together. Wouldn’t it be better written like this? You too can create an inspiring and effective masterpiece with carefully crafted content. Do you recognize how one is well written while the other creates interest. The first is merely a simple pronouncement while the alternative effectively builds interest making you want to read more.

As I mentioned earlier this is merely and excerpt from the upcoming edition. To receive the full article scheduled for release on Aug. 3, 2006 I invite you to sign up on my business website at

As this is an new and evolving resource I currently provide free advertising. For those of you who have a 50 word or less text ad that you would like to see included simply email me and I will consider your offering.

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