Just What Is An EBook?

Let me begin by introducing myself to you. My name is Ginger Marks and I am the founder of a writing & presentational design studio aptly named DocUmeant. I have been writing in one form or another for over 30 years.

Recently I expanded my list of services to include eBook compiling. This experience has led to several completed works both in PDF and Palm OS forms. With two of my own PDFs now available, one free and the second nominally priced. I have garnered the experience to be called upon to share some tips and tidbits to assist you too, in the creation of your very own eBook.

This month’s tip I felt needed to be of significant value to show you just how simple the transitionBack to Basics by Ginger Marks eBook imageinto eBook authorship can be. Therefore my subject will be, ‘Just What Is An EBook?’

An eBook is the same as any other book with the exception that it has been compiled into a completely digital format. Thus the ‘e’ in eBook, stands for electronic or better known as digital.

Your first step is to come up with a story or series of articles that work synergistically with each other. Once you have your content you will need to decide what audience you wish to attract. To be sure there are two major forms of eBooks. The first popular form of eBook developed was for the Palm Operating System (OS). You may have some in your own library. Those who have older handheld devices can not view or read the second and most popular form, the PDF eBook. So you must next decide which audience you are going to eventually solicit. You may decide to offer both versions and in that case you should know each has its own distinct software which you will need to learn to use.

 Having worked with and compiled both Palm and PDF forms I can assure you there is stillPalm OS eBook image a small group who would benefit from being given the choice. For the sake of brevity and to remain current with the times I will focus my discussion on the PDF form. If you have any questions regarding the Palm OS form please feel free to contact me and I will be happy to assist you.

So get started; pick up your pen and put your thoughts in order. Next time we will discuss the available eBook software and their nuances. Until then.


© Copyright 2005 Ginger Marks

Ginger Marks is the founder of DocUmeant, Your writing assistant. For more information on her services or to obtain your copy of her eBooks, How to Create Success and/or Back to Basics, visit her website at http://www.documeant.net or email her at info@DocUmeant.net She is also the Copy Editor for Ladies First Magazine http://www.ladiesfirstmag.biz


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2 responses to “Just What Is An EBook?

  1. Ann Zuccardy

    Hi Ginger,

    I have not visited your blog in awhile and I see that I’ve missed a lot! Your writing is lovely. I hope you’re doing well.


  2. Ginger Marks

    Wow Ann, what a nice thing to say! 😀 If you like Big Cats I will be hosting this week starting within an hour or so an image from the Big Cat Rescue Mission in Tampa, FL for my weekly photo posting. Do stop over and enjoy the link to their site as well. Thank you.
    Have a good evening and a better tomorrow.

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