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"Purging Your Networks!"

Getting the focus back on what is important to you

Well, I have to say what a chore this has been, never again. I have spent the last 2 hours just going through my memberships, deleting, editing, wow, I did not realize how much clutter I had accumulated over the past few months, it was time for serious action: Purge!

=> By purging I mean just that, getting rid of those networks which you:

– honestly do not participate in (can’t remember why you joined)
– have not seen in weeks, months (cobwebs are forming)
– joined because so and so is in it (do you even remember their names)
– because you can spam, spam, spam (tisk tisk)
– so people think you are really active on the network (if they only knew, LOL)
– my favorite, they’re the most popular around (honestly it’s not high school)

I have been in many networks through my 2 years here on Ryze, some have come and gone, like yesterdays news where as other’s I still remain a member in and sadly, for the most part I am not very active. Why? Many reasons…. time, thread content, lack of knowledge, boredom, people, the list can go on forever, but, I try to make it my #1 priority to spend a little time (when I can) by posting, visiting guestbooks of members and thanking the network leader.

=> Not active….Ask yourself these questions:

1. Why did I join this network in the first place?
2. Does this network fill a particular need?
3. Can I really be involved and focused?
4. Do I feel I can benefit or give anything back?
5. How does the overall network, content effect me?

The point…. joining networks should not be a big part of your networking experience, nor, should it become so overwhelming that you can not remember where you posted last or what thread to reply to. By joining select, informative, aimed networks based on your preferences, need or desire is far better than just clicking away to have an impressive Networks list. After a while, you will see how much of a chore it will become when you have to revisit a network because you can not remember why you initially joined.

=> A good rule of thumb:

– know, respect and support your network leader and their rules
– pace yourself, don’t jump in too fast, get the feel of each network
– read through the topic threads, save those of interest, go back when you can
– keep track of specific Hot Topics in each network, see if you can add to it
– be open to all points of view, diversity comes in many packages
– enjoy yourself…if you can not be you, than why join, or better yet, stay

Another factor in establishing yourself in your networks of choice, is that you will be able to further invest your time where most needed or where your needs or questions are met. To be utilized in a strong way, one should be able to spend time building upon the foundation originally set (by this message thread begun) and not pulled in a million directions, losing focus on that topic in question.

=> Establishing yourself by participation:

1. First and foremost, Always be Approachable, by just being You! There is plenty of time for business, let other’s get to know you first.

2. Be considerate (at all times) to those already involved in the thread, as you would expect in return.

3. Visit other members, sign their guest book, welcome them on the board, make them feel invited.

4. Introduce yourself (unless it is noted otherwise), but be concise, personable, inviting, leaving what you have to offer for another time or in your signature line.

5. Don’t be afraid to chime in, assert your thoughts, just take care to be respectful to the views and needs of other’s and those already responded.

6. When replying to a specific topic thread, be sure to stay focused on what the actual message is about.

7. Do some research (if necessary) so that what you share will help further the actual topic discussion and not take away from it.

8. Begin topic’s of discussion (based on network) and solicit other’s help, opinions, thoughts, be sure to reply when you can.

9. Providing help, advice, tips, whatever it maybe, be sure to always give credit where due (include author reprint boxes, links, contact info, etc).

10. Most importantly, just help support your network(s) in whatever way you can, whether by posting replies, helping out or sharing it with other’s, the success of any network(s) rely on everyone, not just the network leader.

Too many times this has happened to me and it can be quite daunting, not to mention somewhat embarrassing, especially when you go back and you see how weeks have passed by. By remaining focused, investing time in a particular network or networks, you can build a foundation and establish yourself in away that others will remember, read and reach out to you, thus creating a wider range of people to network with.

=> Some quick tips to keep organized:
* Save/bookmark you very favorite networks, this makes for easier access
* Create a list of weekly schedules, outlying topics discussed each day
* Set up a schedule, so that you can spend the necessary time in each one
* Keep the rules of each readily available, as every network is different

Remember that networking will give back to you what you put into it, just like anything you do in life. The more you work at something, tend to it, help it grow the better the rewards or fruits of your labor will be! Enjoy your day!

This is a copy of a post that was so chocked full of information that I just had to share it here in an edited version, with the author’s permission of course.

Thank you Patricia of T.E.A.M. Mom!s

Ginger Marks

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Recommend A Friend

WCAD, February 9, 2006
WCAD Brand

We all know how valuable word of mouth advertising can be for a business but here in the virtual community it may be difficult to communicate your recommendations. So how do you make a virtual recommendation?

The answer to how this is done is simple. Put a link on your page with your comments about their product or service.

Don’t be overly flattering. Do be clear in why you feel their product or service is worthy of your praise. Also absolutely check spelling and structure before you post. You will find that when you begin to share your virtual recommendation you will benefit the business you are promoting and your own as well.

Be absolutely certain that the link is functional. The most aggravating circumstance I encounter is broken links. When I find something relevant to my needs and click…Nothing…I have a tendency to leave both sites behind. That is not beneficial for either business.

Rule #1: Share your virtual recommendations with others and they will be more apt recommend you.

Make a difference. This is your virtual community too.

Ginger Marks

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